Thursday, February 10, 2005

Building Trust from Quality Interactions

Esther Derby had occasion to read my first blog entry (Im honored!). She had some GREAT trust-building tips to share in her blog entry "Quality results come from quality interactions". She gave five pragmatic ways to help build trust, and described each one in detail.
  1. Build a Foundation
  2. Focus on Interests rather than positions
  3. Seek Solutions Together
  4. Communicate Face-to-Face whenever possible
  5. Make a Generous Interpretation
Visit Esther's blog to read about each one of them. My own quick mental notes are ...

So what does this have to do with configuration management? EVERYTHING! Many would say CM is all about product integrity and congruence (say/do) - both of which are crucial components of trust. I would also suggest that the relationship between CMers and developers is often one of animosity and distrust (ye olde "throw it over the wall" from development to CM often leads to "great walls of ire" :-).

Development needs to build trust with CM, just like its other stakeholders. And CM needs to do the same with development. How might CMers and developers come to the table to do items 1-5 above? How might you do that if ...

  • You're a "hardcore" CMer and youre accustomed to traditional waterfall or V-model development and some cowbow-coding hackers who call themselves "agile" want to build a relationship of trust with you?
  • You're a "bona fide" agilist, and you need to build trust with some "stodgy old", waterfall-laden, document-driven, process-heavy CM/build meisters?
Any ideas?

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