Saturday, November 19, 2005

Book Review: JUnit Recipes

I have a whole bunch of reviewer-copies of books that I've been intending to review for several months. So I'll be doing a number of book reviews throughout the remainder of this year, particularly titles from The Pragmatic Programmers and from Addison-Wesley Professional (who were nice enough to give me copies of the books).

Today however I'll be posting about a review fo a book from a different publisher. I did a review of the book JUnit Recipes for StickyMinds a few months ago. My summary of my review was:
JUnit Recipes should probably be mandatory reading for anyone using Java, J2EE and JUnit in the real-world. This comprehensive and imminently pragmatic guide not only conveys a great deal of highly practical wisdom but also clearly demonstrates and explains the code to accomplish and apply the techniques it describes.
The full review is featured this month on the StickyMinds front page and is available from their website at

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