Saturday, January 28, 2006

Iterative Development Resources

As a follow-up to my earlier entry on The Unchangeable Rules of Software Change, one of the things that particular team figured out it needed was to try and use iterative development as a means of managing change and being more responsive to customer feedback while still controlling scope.

Of course, saying "do iterative development" is one thing. Figuring out how to actually do it for a group in an organization that isn't accustomed to it is another thing entirely. So here is a list of resources on the subject of adopting, planning/managing, and doing iterative software development -- particularly for those coming from a background of phased-sequential (waterfall,V) model of planning.

Iterative Development Resources:

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Isaac Gouy said...

Also from Craig Larman, Iterative and Evolutionary, from Ch 7 of the book Agile and Iterative Development: a Manager's Guide
The "Iterative and Evolutionary" URL is actually to chapter 2.