Thursday, February 23, 2006

More SCM Blogs

In my last blog-entry of 2005, I posted a list Software CM and Version-Control Blogs and asked for others that any of you recommend. I know of a few more now:
Austin Hastings now has a blog! Check it out at Doing Better!

Austin is incredibly knowledgeable about CM and architecture, and I also think he's not only much more concise than I am [I'm (in)famous for being verbose] but he's also a lot more insightful and much more quickly sees the 'whole' system and gets at the crux of the matter. I'm expecting great and inspiring things from this blog, and judging from his entries on Defining Baseline and Table Data Gateway, I won't be disappointed!

Kevin Lee has a forthcoming blog!

Okay - so it's not quite a blog yet. But it supposedly will be very soon. Kevin has a forthcoming book on Continuous Integration using ClearCase, ANT, and CruiseControl that looks to be pretty good. And he has some nice articles and downloads from his "buildmeister" website.

Rob Caron writes that Robert Horvick started a blog about Team System's version control features and API

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Unknown said...

You may be famous for being verbose, but the two mentioned articles on Austin's blog aren't examples of short and concise.
You're still my favorite on CM, Brad.