Monday, July 03, 2006

Creating Globally Competitive Software

A friend of mine, Matthew Edwards, recently published a book on Creating Globally Competitive Software: The Fundamentals for Regular People. I can't wait to get my copy and start reading through it.

I have a lot of respect for Matt, he and I went thru a lot of "stuff" together over a very short+intense period (more on that in a later blog-entry) and managed to come through it while spreading a little bit of light. During that time I also pointed Matt in the direction of Agile development as a possible "way out of the madness," and he did his part to help make that a reality.

Since then Matt has had a few other "gigs" that have advanced his experience and insights into software development (in a very Gerry Weinberg-esque fashion). He later co-founded Ajilus, which works and consults in global software development with a strong socio-technical perspective, having embraced the ideas of Agility, Scrum, Theory of Constraints, and systems thinking about the organizational/social roots of most seemingly technical problems.

So I'm really looking forward to reading what Matt has to say, as someone who has seen all of that from many perspectives, and has seen the light regarding agility, collaboration, organization, globalization and how to convey those lessons to "regular people." As part of his bio, Matt writes:
"I consult, teach, speak, write and deliver in the software solution delivery space with a focus on helping teams simplify the software delivery lifecycle - and deliver. Time, cost, team solidarity and structures, organizational behavior, ability to deliver, pulling projects out of the hole ... everything is interdependent and is usually social, not technical."
-- Matthew Edwards,
Like I said, I'm definitely looking forward to reading through this one and seeing how it can help folks like me "connect" with "regular people."

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