Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Scaling Agility: Distributed Agile Development

Current issues of IEEE Software, CACM, and ACM Queue have articles related to agile distributed development and release management ...

The Sept/Oct 2006 issue of IEEE Software is about Global Software Development. It has several Agile-related articles (like A Practical Management and Engineering Approach to Offshore Collaboration)

This months CACM theme is "Flexible and Distributed Software Processes" with articles on distributed agile development (which are currently available online), including:
ACM Queue an article on Agile/Iterative Release Management entitled Breaking the Major Release Habit.

Other resources on Distributed Agile Development:

Also, although it's not specific to Agility, the book Software without Borders appears to have some good reviews by several folks who are well-respected in the Agile community (also check out the online references section of the book.

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