Saturday, June 23, 2007

BOOK: OOAD 3e - updating the classic

April 2007 marked the release of theObject-Oriented Analysis & Design with Applications, 3rd edition by Grady Booch

For many, this book was the one that first turned them on to object-orientation as more than just a particular programming language or two, but as an overall way of thinking about how to analyze and design software programs. The book has many classic epiphanies that were precursors to things UML, RUP, patterns and agile development. Booch himself is practically a demi-god of modern software development, architecture and practice.

I guess I've moved on a bit since reading the first edition in the early nineties, because the third edition didn't have as much "zing" for me. And there are so many other good texts around now, that this one reads a bit dry and academic.

I'm actually more interested lately in the work that Booch is doing toward a Handbook of Software Architecture and in his blog.

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