Monday, February 25, 2008

Distributed Version Control Systems

A colleague of mine had a question for me about Distributed Versions Control Systems (or DVCS). There are a growing number of such systems these days: Mercurial, Bazaar, git, svk, BitKeeper, Gnu Arch, darcs, Monotone, Codeville, Arx, just to name a few. I referred them to a good essay by David Wheeler that talks about the fundamental differences between distributed vs centralized VCS (among other things).

I also Googled on the topic and came across some interesting links:
Anyone else have any links they recommend on the topic? (please, no spam/marketing)


Anonymous said...

Here's a paper I wrote on the topic:

Brad Appleton said...

Thanks Ian! (We corresponded several years back when you were working on SDF and I was writing PodParser :)

I've your paper to the set of links above