Monday, May 26, 2008

An Agile Approach to Release Management

My Agile SCM co-authors Rob Cowham, Steve Berczuk, and myself have written an article for the May CM Journal on An Agile Approach to Release Management

We're relatively pleased with the article, and all collaborated together quite well.

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Unknown said...

My client is considering using Agile methodology to reduce Time-To-Market for a number of IT Programs.

The challenge is that 50+ projects are packaged into a single release and the release is deployed quarterly. Currently, a water fall methodology is used. I'm concern that switching all projects to an Agile methodology will actually deliver less to the customer because of the increased resources required on Agile projects and it will also create major development environment challenges with the large amount of projects running simultaneously.

Do you have any cases where Agile was done on a large scale like this and how these challenges were overcome?