Sunday, August 06, 2006

SCM as the Architecture of the Evolution of Architecture

One thing I particularly liked about my presentation of "SCM Patterns for Agile Architectures" at the Dr Dobbs Architecture & Design World 2006 conference in downtown Chicago...

I offered up several definitions or perspectives of SCM, including a traditional description, an Agile one, and an architectural one. I liked my architectural definition (I hadn't used that one before - I had used the other two in previous definitions). I said that, from an architectural perspective:

"Configuration Management is the Architecture of the Evolution of your Architecture!"

I rather liked that! I sort of used that to justify the title of the presentation, and presented an IEEE definition of architecture, along with Kruchten's 4+1 views model of software architecture. I then used that to justify my 4+2 model views of SCM/ALM solution architecture. I updated my drawing of the 4+2 model a bit. I think the addition of the Who+When+When+Where+Why+How shows how it may be a possible "bridge" between the Zachman Framework and the 4+1 views model.

Once again, the presentation is here. Feedback is welcome!

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