Saturday, April 21, 2007

April CM Journal and LDM

The April issue of the CM Journal, and there is a FANTASTIC article in it by Austin Hastings about his Longacre Deployment Management strategy for dealing with database CM. It's long, but well worth the read for the insight into a new way of thinking about and doing CM of a database.

The April CM Basics issue has a companion/predecessor article a Case Study: Enterprise and Database CM the describes the initial problem, motivation and challenges that the LDM approach needed to solve. The LDM article goes into the gory technical details of the solution.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the positive mention of LDM. There were two articles, "Case Study" and "Technical Details," and unfortunately the articles got split so that one article is in the CM Basics zine and the other is in CM Journal. That might make it hard for people to understand the motivation, but them's the editorial breaks, I guess.


Brad Appleton said...

Thanks Austin! I added mention of the other article to the blog-entry