Thursday, April 20, 2006

CMCrossroads articles on FDD and Situational Code Ownership

The following two articles of mine appear in the April 2006 issue of CM Crossroads Journal (the month's theme is "Agile Development Practices"):
If parts of them look familiar it's because these articles evolved out of multiple entries from this blog over the past year :-)

The more I look at FDD, the more I really like it as an agile method suitable for a large projects and companies, especially those striving for CMM/CMMI. I also really like the work David Anderson has done tying FDD together with Lean, TOC, and SixSigma.

I'd be real interested in any work on melding FDD together with many of the project management practices of Scrum, and some of the programming practices of XP (e.g., continuous integration, TDD, collective ownership, and refactoring).

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Alex said...

Hi Brad,

we did/do actually combine FDD with Scrum and XP practices. So maybe I can help you (Of course there are many ways to combine these, so maybe I can't help...). What are you interessted in?

Ciao Alex