Sunday, April 16, 2006

More Extreme Competition: Business Drivers, Realities and Strategies

Another a follow-up to my previous blog-entry about Peter Fingar's book Extreme Competition ...

In the book, Fingar talks about 5 "unstoppable" drivers/transformers, 16 "new realities of business", and 13 "strategy patterns" to consider. Rajesh Jain, who wrote the foreward to the book, has a very well-written series of blog-entries collected together in Tech Talk: Extreme Competition.

I've already blogged quite a bit about this book, so I wont go into detail about each of the items listed below other than to simply list them. For more details, I recommend looking at Rajesh Jain's Tech Talk: Extreme Competition and also the numerous materials available from the homepage for the book Extreme Competition

The Five Unstoppable Drivers Transforming Competition
  1. Knowledge as Business Capital
  2. The Internet
  3. Jumbo Transportation
  4. Three Billion New Capitalists
  5. The New IT
The Sixteen New Realities of Business
  1. Extreme Customers
  2. Extreme Innovation
  3. Extreme Individuals
  4. Extreme Customization
  5. Extreme Business Processes
  6. Extreme Teams
  7. Extreme Supply Chains
  8. Extreme Experiences & Self-Service
  9. Extreme Industry Blur
  10. Extreme Education & Learning
  11. Extreme Government
  12. Extreme Health Care
  13. Extreme Time
  14. Extreme Change
  15. Extreme Specialization
  16. Extreme Branding
Thirteen Strategies for Extreme Competition
  1. The Time to Act is Now!
  2. Be Slavishly Devoted to Your Customers
  3. Think Globally, Act Globally
  4. Be a Superspecialist
  5. Connect with the Superpsecialists
  6. Be a Brand Master, Fight Brand Bullies
  7. Embrace Time-Based Competition
  8. Grok Process!
  9. Embrace The New IT
  10. Offer Process-Powered Self-Service
  11. Offer Product-Services and Experiences
  12. Systematize Innovation
  13. Be a Good Citizen

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