Friday, August 04, 2006

SCM Patterns for Agile Architectures

Back in Mid-July I gave a presentation on "SCM Patterns for Agile Architectures" at the Dr Dobbs Architecture & Design World 2006 conference in downtown Chicago.

I gave a 90 minute presentation, and I had 100 powerpoint slides. I had no intention of covering all of the slides. I had the presentation split up into an intro, plus 4 subject areas. In "Agile" fashion, I planned to do "dynamic prioritization for fixed-scope time-boxing" by polling the audience to see which sections were most interesting to them (and which patterns within which sections were of greatest interest). I figured we'd get through the introduction (which has an updated picture of my 4+2 views model of SCM/ALM architecture), and then 2 of the 4 remaining sections (3 at the very most).

I ended up making it through all of the sections and finishing on time - but I couldn't have done it without skimming quickly over the individual patterns/slides that were of least interest for my audience. Overall, I think it went pretty well. I probably wasn't animated or charismatic enough in my presentation style and should vary my tone of voice a bit more. The pictures I used were very cool and very apropos, and very well received (which is good cuz I spent a TON of time finding ones I liked that had copyrights I could use).

For those who are interested, I've made the slides available here. I welcome your feedback in improving them!

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