Saturday, August 12, 2006

Some Good SQL Books

I've been needing to "brush up" on my SQL and RDBMS skills (let's just say it's been a while :-). I found the following books from O'Reilly and Addison-Wesley to be extremely useful, in order of increasing usefulness:
The first two above are from Addison-Wesley. I found them to be good for a "quick review" for someone who used to do SQL and RDBMS extensively 10+ years ago but whose knowledge is a bit rusty and outdated.

The second two books above are from O'Reilly. I really like the two O'Reilly SQL books! I refer to them the most right now. The SQL Cookbook updated a lot of my existing knowledge and added to it, and the Art of SQL is fantastic! I just love the way it uses Sun Tzu's "Art of War" to apply to winning the "war" on DBMS and DBM complexity!

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