Saturday, November 11, 2006

Simplicity in Better Software

Back in May of this year I blogged about how Simple ain't Easy: Myths and Misunderstanding about Simplicity. That entry ended up being quite popular and very well received.

This month, a streamlined version of that entry is the featured article in the "Last Word" column for the November 2006 issue of Better Software magazine. The writing is a bit more compact, though I did end up having to trim a few thoughts I had really wanted to keep. The quotations and links from the original entry didn't make it into the article, but were instead made part of the online "Sticky Notes" for the November issue.

For those with access to the printed magazine who have a chance to read both the article and the blog-entry, I'd appreciate your feedback as to whether you like the article better, or the blog-entry better, and why.

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