Sunday, November 05, 2006

Surviving CMMI, Lean Sigma, ISO-9000 and Surgery

My surgery went well. I returned from the hospital one week ago and am now able to get around on my own (and do some email :-). My remaining kidney is still learning to do the work of two and will be growing larger in the next couple months (in order to compensate). I'm still dealing with the usual to-be-expected-stuff and hopefully within another couple of weeks I will be mostly back to normal (except that I still need to wait another 2months before trying to lift anything >10 lbs, like my 3yr old & 4 yr old :).

I received a few more books in the mail that look like they will be very helpful to someone like myself trying to introduce/increase Agility in a large corporation that has already committed to the likes of SEI CMMI, ISO-9000 (TL9000 for Telecoms), and Six Sigma.

These books will help someone like me to "speak the lingo" when presenting Lean/Agile principles and practices to those well versed in the above. The Lean Sigma book will (I hope) especially show me how to use the methods and tools of Six Sigma itself to support Lean concepts and techniques.

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Unknown said...


Could you tell us how it went?
What where your findings on introducing Agile/Lean to this large organizations commited to CMMI?