Friday, January 19, 2007

Blog upgraded -- tagging COMPLETE!

I'm done upgrading my blog to the new version of blogger. Some of you may have already noticed the new template. Although I tried to keep the same scheme, I couldnt keep the title/header section the same, so the font-size there is a bit smaller and my picture has moved to the top-right below the header section. The right hand panel is also a bit different, the "Previous" and "Archives" section have been merged into a a single dynamic "Archives section with a hierarchical listing.

In addition, I finished tagging my blog-entries with labels. The new "Categories" section lists all of the categories and the number of entries in each category (along with a hyperlink to take you to all entries filed under that category).

Oh yeah! I'm also using a newer picture now -- It's amazing just how much one's hair can thin/recede in just a few years :-(

If youre seeing this, then you should no longer need to worry about any more previous entries getting republished "en masse" anytime soon. Very shortly now I'll be "pushing" my last 4 entries "live" in the next couple of days.

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