Friday, January 05, 2007

Top 10 ACME blog-posts in 2006

Happy new year to all! I thought this would be appropriate for my first blog-entry in 2007 ...

Here are my top 10 blog-entries of 2006. This is based not on hit-counts, but rather on reference counts (number of mentions in other blog-posts, forums, articles, etc.) in some form or another. Note that there was a tie for the #10 spot.
  1. Dimensions and Views of SCM Architecture
  2. Scaling Agility: Summary of Resources
  3. The Unchangeable Rules of Software Change
  4. Agile SCM Principles: From OOD to TBD+CBV+POB
  5. Trustworthy Transparency over Tiresome Traceability
  6. Simple ain't Easy: Myths and Misunderstandings about Simplicity
  7. Codeline Flow, Availability and Throughput
  8. Impacts of Extreme Globalization and Extreme Competition
  9. Agile vs MDE: XP, AMDD, FDD and Color Modeling
  10. Nested Synchronization and Harmonic Cadences and Feedback, Flow and Friction

Some of the above surprises me. Some of it is close to what I was expecting ...
  • I'm truly astonished at the #1 post - both because it was so recent and also because I'd seen very little indictaion of interest in my 4+2 views of SCM architecture (most folks probably just liked all the links that went along with it).
  • The #2 and #3 entries don't surprise me, and I'm happy to see them there.
  • I'm very surprised the "Simple Ain't Easy" post didnt rank much higher. I personally liked that one and my "Unchangeable Rules of Software Change" the most in 2006. And I saw so much discussion and mention of the "Simple Ain't Easy" post, I honestly expected it to be the #1.
  • I am surprised by the ranking of the posts on codeline flow & throughput, and nested synchronization & harmonic cadences. I had the impression that struck most folks as rather esoteric.
For anyone interested in what the next ten most popular ones were ... here they are:
  1. Business Agility Defined
  2. Extreme Traceability
  3. Nutshell Definitions of Agile Development
  4. 5Cs of Agile SCM
  5. Cost, Cruft and Constraints
  6. Pragmatic Multi-Variant Management
  7. Agile IT Organization Refactoring
  8. Trends in SCM Predictions for 2006
  9. Everyone Wants to be LUVed
  10. Lean Principles for Branching
Here's hoping I can do as well or better in 2007!

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Thank you Brad: very interesting.