Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Agile Tooling Survey Results

From Pete Behrens' Agile Executive Blog, the results to the Agile Tooling Survey they conducted in October are now available online at

    With over 500 survey responses from 39 countries, we feel this survey
    provides an excellent benchmark for where the agile movement is at
    today and how we are using project management tooling to assist our
    agile processes.

    This report builds a corporate profile of companies that are following
    agile processes today and then uses that profile to analyze how they
    are using project management tooling to support various aspects of
    their agile processes.

It's rather interesting to see what sorts of tools are being used for version-control, defect/issue/enhancement-tracking (DIET), and project planning & tracking, particularly when some high-profile Agilists would have us believe that (other than version control) Agile should "eschew" such tools.

I don't think the problem is the tools. I think the problem is most of them were/are made and used in a non-agile fashion that didn't have the agile way of working in mind. Now that there are some tools out there which do, it seems they are helpful after all :-)

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