Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Agile CM on YahooGroups

As mentioned in an earlier blog-entry, I have created an Agile CM Yahoo Group. The description is:
The agile-cm group is for the discussion of ideas relating to Configuration Management for Agile development and of applying Agile concepts, methods and tools to the practice of Configuration Management itself (and CM "Patterns"). This includes aspects of CM that relate to agile development, refactoring & design patterns, agile project-management, Lean, Theory of Constraints (TOC), even SixSigma and CMMI to the extent that they can help CM and related practices to be more "agile".

As I wrote earlier, I hope this new agile-cm group will have a healthy balance of both SCM folks and Agile development folks so we can have some constructive multi-faceted discussions.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Brad, great blog. I've been a subscriber for over a year now and always look forward to your posts.

What happened to the Agile CM Yahoo User Group?