Saturday, September 09, 2006

How I Blogged my Summer Vacation

Some of you may have wondered what the heck happened to my blog during August and the first half of September. Well - I lost some write-access to my website for a lot of the summer (while my host was recovering from a denial of service attack) and I couldn't login and update it.

I had several blog-entries "queued up" simply needing some final cleaning-up before I made them live, and that got interrupted, then I couldnt access them, then I had some vacations/travel, then I needed to "catch up" when I got back to work, and so on ...

So over the next week or two I'll be "pushing out" the entries I wrote-up in August, using the date they were originally written. I'll also be making available the talk I gave in July at Architecture & Design World 2006 on the subject of "SCM Patterns for Agile Architectures."

In October/November I may not be blogging much at all as I'll be trying to recover from major surgery (I'm giving one of my kidney's to a family member).

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you with the surgery - hope everything goes well - I had an aunt who did that for her son and have a lot of respect for any who show such a willingness to sacrifice for others.