Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scaling Agility: Seamless Agility across the Enterprise

David Anderson writes about the recent Agile2006 conference in his blog-entry Thoughts for Agile2006:

Scaling Agile. The BIG issue for this year is scaling agile across a whole organization. I see this as having three parts - program or multi-project management and the rollup of schedules and resource plans to a Director or VP level; architecture and enterprise level modeling of a domain and data center; and finally configuration management including build, integration, branch and merge strategies, and work-in-progress batching and related communication.

Ive been dealing with this topic a LOT lately in my own organization as part of efforts to spread amd adapt Agile methods across a large distributed enterprise working with large systems and teams. Ive been researching and collecting lots of resources, including some earlier blog-entries on Agile CMMI and Dancing Elephants and Agile Adoption across the industry.

My perceptions of where the "seams" of the enterprise are that are hardest to introduce Agility into are the close collaboration and alignment required across organizational (lifecycle discipline) boundaries and geographic boundaries (and I find the former to be more difficult to surmount than the latter.)

If I try to categorize them as different areas or aspects that each require the ability to be agile, I come up with something like:
  • Process - Adapting Agile to the Organization (making processes responsive to change)

  • Product - Agile Systems Engineering/Architecture (making the requirements & architecture be responsive to change)

  • Project - Agile Program Management & Governance (making the project be responsive to change)

  • People - Distributed Agile Development (collaborating across multiple sites, teams, and timezones)

  • Organization - Agile Metrics/Reporting, Governance, and Organizational Design

  • Environment - Agile CM, deployment, operation/support, etc.

I'll be blogging separately with lists of resources of found for several of the above.

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