Thursday, December 22, 2005

Agile SCM 2005 Book Reflections and Recommendations

I just finished writing my article for the December 2005 CMCrossroads Journal entitled Agile SCM 2005 - Reflecting back on the year in books. An excerpt follows ...
Hello! My name is Brad Appleton, and I'm a book-a-holic! Hear my serenity prayer:
Lord, please grant me ...
the serenity to accept that I can't read everything,
the time to read and understand everything that I can,
the wisdom to know the difference
[so I won't have to leave my estate to],
and a sufficiently well-read network of friends
[to tell me all about the books they've read].
We thought 2005 was a pretty gosh darn great year for Agile and Software CM alike. We wanted to share what we feel are some of the timeless classics that we have most looked to throughout the year, as well as the new books in the last year that we have been most impressed with.

Those of you reading this are encouraged to read the article to see what we had to say about some of the following books (as well as several others):
Happy Holidays and Hopeful New Years!
A Very Happy Merry ChristmaHannaValiRamaKwanzaakah (or non-denominational solstice celebration) to all in 2005! And looking forward to what 2006 will bring to all of us in the coming year!

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