Friday, December 30, 2005

Software CM and Version Control Blogs

I've been looking around for other blogs that are primarily (or at least regularly) devoted to the subject of Software CM and/or Version Control. I did some searching thru but mostly my own surfing turned up good results. I chose to omit blogs that don't seem to be updated anymore (like Brian White's Team Foundation blog - especially since Brian left Microsoft).

Anyway, here is what I found. If you know of others, please drop me a line.

Blogs about Software CM or Version Control:Blogs frequently discussing Software CM or Version ControlI found a few others, but they didnt seem to be active (like a ClearCase-centric SCM blog and a Continuous Integration 'book' blog -- not to be confused with Jason Yip's fairly active continuousintegration YahooGroup).

Do you know of any that I might have missed?

Happy New Year everybody!


Anonymous said...

What a great resource to have. Thanks for doing this research. I am new to this blog but have been aware of your work for sometime (I read your SCM Patterns Book years ago). I will come more and more in 2006 for sure.

Brad Appleton said...

Thanks for the kind words! I've just recently re-organized my blogroll to make a new category for CM-related blogs and have included most of the ones mentioned here.

Austin said...

Well, I'm running one at Longacre now: