Sunday, December 11, 2005

Polarion for Subversion

A quick follow-on to my previous blog-entry on Subversion plus Trac gives SubTraction and an even earlier one asking Can I have just one repository please? ...

I just heard of a new product called Polarion which allegedly appears to do almost exactly what I envisioned in my "just one repository" blog-entry, and there appears to be a "Polarion for Subversion" offering (which also claims to support Ant, Maven, and Eclipse):
"In classic software development tool environments, many different point solutions are used for software life-cycle management. There are requirements management tools, bug trackers, change management, version and configuration management tools, audit and metrics engines, etc. The problem: your development artifacts are scattered, making it difficult to derive useful, timely management information. POLARION® ... keeps all artifacts of the entire software life-cycle in one single place ... gives organizations both tools (for requirements, tasks, change requests, etc.) AND project transparency through real-time aggregated management information ... combines all tools and information along the Software lifecycle in one platform. No tool islands, no interface problems, no difficult, potentially fragile integrations anymore."
However, it does NOT appear to be opensource.

I'd LOVE to see a mixed commercial offering of, say, AccuRev, Jira and Confluence be able to provide this all in one package (just as I described in the blog-entry). [And with AccuRev's and Atlassian's roots in and commitment to opensource (the folks at AccuRev had previously developed the open-source CM system "ODE" for the OSF), they might even consider making it freely available for opensource projects (like Atlassian currently does for both Jira and Confluence)]

Hey! I can dream - can't I? :-)

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